Monday, September 22, 2008

A Valve Stem Seal for the Crosman 167, Part 1

My Crosman 167 has a slow leak. If left for a few days the CO2 empties out, and the likely culprit is the valve stem seal. So I decided to take the valve apart and see if I could make a new valve stem seal. See here for the exploded view. Mine is the first variant with the simple trigger and no front barrel band. It should have an automatic safety, but that part is broken and I have yet to make a replacement.

The action removed from the stock.

The underside.

The valve screw 160-26 is removed.

The screw that holds the end cap is removed. This is where the automatic safety would be if mine weren't broken.

The setscrew that holds the bolt handle in the bolt is removed. My bolt handle is polished because the previous owner thought the bolt handle unscrewed from the bolt, thus marring it horrendously.

Removing the stud 160-10 which holds the action on the stock, and holds the valve spacer 160-7 in place.

The setscrew that holds the barrel in the receiver is removed, as is the barrel.

This reveals the screw 160-32, which also holds the 160-7 spacer in place, and attaches the receiver to the gas tube.

The receiver is removed from the tube. Left stud engages the cutout in the bolt on the left and the right stud (with square head) the cutout on the right. This allows the hammer to cock on closing. Opening the bolt pulls the hammer to the right where it is caught by the sear, and closing the bolt compresses the hammer spring.

The hammer assembly. The pins are a slip fit in the holes.

Spacer 160-7 with the stud and screw. It slides out of the tube when those two are removed.

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