Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sheridan Sight Adjustment Knobs

Sometimes you just get an idea in your head that you have to try, which is why I made these adjustment knobs for my Sheridan rear sight.

Turning some 1/2" steel down so I can put a #5-40 thread on it.

Using a Taig Die Holder to cut the thread. I keep a 1/2" length of steel rod with it so I can use it on any of my lathes.


I moved out the bar a bit and turned it all down to around 7/16". I then used my turret knurling tool to knurl it. These are handy and quick tools, the only drawback being you need a way to hold the 5/8" shank (and I have others with 3/4" and 1" shanks)

I parted off the elevation knob and put it in place of the tiny setscrew used on the sight. I then tinkered with the length a bit so the knob wouldn't block the sight.

I still had a length of knurled rod. I drilled it for a press fit on the head of a #6 socket head cap screw.

Two knobs parted off.

Put one on top of the head of the screw.

And pressed it on. This is an easy way to make knurled head screws. I didn't do it for the elevation knob for two reasons: one, I needed a thinner head than you can achieve with this method and two, I didn't have a #5-40 screw handy!

All done. I think I'm going to redo the windage knobs in a larger diameter as it takes a bit too much finger pressure to turn them for my taste (and comfort)

Gee, I really should get rid of that rust speckling on the sight, shouldn't I?

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