Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another pointless ramble.

I have some pictures to edit of my Predom piston adventures before the next content rich post (tomorrow?), but thought I'd check in with a few links and rambling.

I received some spare parts from Crosman today, now I can fix the sights on the Sheridan I blogged about earlier, as well as the Phantom I bought at the pawn shop.

I disassembled, cleaned, then successfully reassembled Derrick's Hurricane. It feels like it's shooting smoother, although the Chrony shows it shooting the same fps as before. Took pictures of the disassembly for later blogging.

I "won" a real beater of a Diana 6 Pistol on Gunbroker, should be a fun project when it arrives:
This is the sort of thing I like, we'll see how far gone it is, I always wanted to take apart a Giss system gun.

This auction is tempting:
but only because so many things need tranquilizing these days.

Here's a good page on shim punching:

This is an electric marble gun one of my internet buddies made - he does all sorts of wonderful tiny siege weapons and such for bored executives.

One of my Taig customers let me know that he had published the 3rd edition of his book, "The Tiniest Guns". I bought a copy and it is a wonderful read. He catalogues miniature (firing) guns past and present, and shows how to make and research them. I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head (a very tiny hole...) but the idea of miniature airguns is intriguing. I had better get some basic airgunsmithing skills down first though. Anyway, I figured I'd plug his book.

Again, I need airguns, especially ones that need work...help me keep learning and keep my budget down...

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Anonymous said...

Won't you first have to make a tiny lathe?