Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just a Bit of Rambling.

I did a bunch of work in the shop today building a new spring compressor, which I will blog about later this week after I wade through the 80 or so pictures I took.

This is all that's left of a tin of Crosman wadcutters I bought last Saturday. I am definitely shooting more often than I used to.

This is my tiny range, from the back door the backstop is about 11 meters away.

A Champion .22 bullet trap on the left, a Gamo Rocker Pellet Trap behind the tin cans and a heavy steel backer. It's another 500 feet or so to the back of our property, so I don't worry too much about fliers. I need to set up some targets at 30 and 50 meters.

This is my inside target that hangs on the back door. Yes, the shop doors are always locked when shooting inside. The trap is full of duct seal, which absorbs and traps the pellets.

It's about 25 feet from the end of my shop where I stand to the target, so I can't do 10M shooting, although if I open up the door and place the target on the deck, I can shoot 10M out of the rain. It is handy for testing and relaxing...

I had about 30 minutes a few weeks ago to chrony some of my air pistols, I only took two or three shots with each, using three different pellets, and wrote down the lowest velocity for each pellet.
(in order, Crosman Wadcutter, Crosman Premier 7.9g Domed, Crosman Premier 10.5g Domed)

Webley Hurricane (Derrick's Loaner): 455, 456, 378 fps.
Diana Model V (old Modell 5): 408, 419, 329 fps.
Winchester 353 (My Neighbor loaned it to me, it's a later Diana Model 5): 341, 341, 186 fps.
Cometa Indian/RWS 9: 364, 372, 265 fps.
Manu Arm: 398, 426, 306 fps.
Older 1377 (separate cocking, 10 pumps): 511, 498, 440 fps.
Predom Lucznic: 338, 348, 278 fps.

As always, I'm interested in any inexpensive/free fixer-upper project airguns you may want to get rid of. Don't let me run out of projects!

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