Friday, May 11, 2012

Airgun Shooting and What-Not

Just wanted to get a quick post up.  Been traveling and haven't been able to write much of late while on a brief vacation. 

Great friends, Joe and his wife, Nicole, joined my wife and me for some time at a cabin in southeastern WV.

This was our backyard view.  Naturally, we took along a few airguns as well as several spinner targets. 

After laying out the pistols, it was oddly apparent that Joe and I had only brought modified Crosman 22XX pistols. 

The sole rifle I packed was an old .177 cal Marksman Mod. 56 FTS--

also known as a Beeman R11--also known as the Weihrauch 98. 

Our vacations tend to follow the same basic plan.  We hike during the day, have lunch on the trail, return to the cabin and plink into the early evening. 

Hitting spinners smaller than 2" in diameter offhand with an air pistol at 40+ yards is simply humbling--especially in the 10 to 20 mph gusts.  Any hits I made were due to simply throwing enough shots downrange.  Blind pigs and acorns if you will.

This is Joe relaxed.

He's running a Leapers 4-16X scope on his .20 cal R9. 

Parting shot.

Thanks for checking in.  More soon.