Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Crosman Model 357 (Phase 1) Disassembly, Part 2

On I go…
The cylinder plate pops off.
Nothing special about the valve tube.
My valve tool may need some refurbishing…IMG_6259IMG_6262
Crosman uses quad seals here. These seem pliable and will be reused.IMG_6264
The #38-128 end seal is deformed and clearly not up to the task anymore. Luckily I had a few spares on hand.
The guts.
The #38-130 o-ring has given up the ghost. I replaced it with a 009 viton o-ring. Urethane would be better.
Not wanting to place an order for parts or spend more time making a seal than the gun is worth, I flipped the #357-041 valve seal over. It was still pliable. It had a scratch in the face that could have made the gun leak.
The gun went back together without a hitch, I suppose it’s possible that the latch support could shift, but it seems to lock up fine without play. It’s held gas for 5 days and shoots as accurately as one would hope. I didn’t chrony it because of general laziness.

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Unknown said...

Great article and good photos. I'm rebuilding mine again, and found your blog. Airguns are my hobby, and I have collected a few over the years. Just found a S&W 79g at the pawn shop. Have you done a rebuild for it yet? Thanks, Mike W.