Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Crosman Model 357 (Phase 1) Disassembly, Part 1

A friend conned me into resealing a Crosman 357 revolver for him. I realized that we don’t have a full disassembly blog, so I’ll give it that treatment. The last one I disassembled using my patented explosive technique of forgetting that there was a full CO2 cartridge in the gun…
You can get the exploded diagram, etc. here.IMG_6208IMG_6209IMG_6210
1987 vintage.
Let’s begin.
Three screws.
The barrel pivot screw is longer.
The safety is best kept in the side plate so it doesn’t get forgotten.IMG_6219
This is a handy picture as it shows the ideal state of things.IMG_6221IMG_6225
I’m not sure what all the odd hard rubber bits are as the main rubber spring for the latch seems fine.IMG_6226IMG_6227
Removing the lever.
And the index finger.
And the entire valve and piercing body assemblies.IMG_6231
The hammer spring also retains the Piercing body assembly.IMG_6232IMG_6234
Removed the hammer. Notice the solidified grease.IMG_6235
The safety link is behind the trigger.
Trigger spring.
Just a couple of details. Part 2 to follow…

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Mike Withers said...

I'm not laughing at your first attempt to disassemble this. My 1st time ended up the same way, but parts flew all over the camp ground for me. Needless to say, I had to buy more. Nice article. Very detailed Nick