Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sheridan Stock Limbo

Project update:  Trying to get back to the Sheridan refinish, but the cold weather is thwarting me.  It warmed up to almost 20 degrees today by midday!  But now, it's 13 and dropping.  I need to get into the garage to do some sanding, but my fingers are numb after fifteen or twenty minutes.

Still figuring out what to put on the end of the stock.  I was short on recoil pads so I made a run to a local gun shop.  One of these may or may not make it onto the Sheridan.  Yep.  Decisiveness at it's best.

Regardless of which buttpad or buttplate is used, the rifle still needs a bit more length of pull.  To that end, I cut two pieces of 1/8" thick maple and a piece of Bolivian rosewood.  I've had some problems using cuts from this particular piece of rosewood in the recent past.  Had a reaction to it similar to having poison ivy.  Needed a steroid shot as well as additional medication.  Fun stuff.  Wore gloves and a mask while making the cuts. 

Sandwiched the rosewood between the maple.  Used Gorilla Glue.

Clamped it in a bench vise between some thicker maple boards and cranked it down tight.  Gonna let it dry for the night.

It's not supposed to warm up for a few more days, so I may temporarily shelve this project and start something I can work on in the basement.  Where it's warm.

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