Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TF79 Upgrades--Part 9

Some quick notes about what's coming in the semi-near future: I've got one of Frank B's Feinwerkbau 124Ds to overhaul with some Maccari parts--and I may use that as an excuse to take a break from the Tech Force. Also, I have a lost post from August of 2009 that I started to write, then shelved, on a stock modification for a BAM B26-2. I liked the concept, but I wasn't happy with my sketches or the first prototype. (We call them prototypes when it all goes wrong) Anyway, I've got a better(?) way this time around, so that's back towards the top of the project que.

Right now, I'm checking back in with our slowest airgun project to date: The TF79.

With the holes drilled for the adjustable cheek piece, it was necessary to add two more additional holes in the side. I'll make threaded aluminum inserts for these holes that will house screws to lock the cheek piece in position.

Yeah, there was layout to find the locations for the holes. The 1/2" holes allow for easy insert manufacture from a piece of stock aluminum rod.

Many chemical strippers have a shelf life and my old can of Strypeeze was apparently done. It barely softened the finish.

Got a can of Dad's Easy Spray and it did the trick on the heavy Tech Force finish. I'm guessing that it was an acrylic. Whatever it was, it was excruciatingly difficult to remove. Sanding it all off was out of the question due to it's thickness as it instantly loaded the sandpaper.

Some thin stain left behind. That was straightforward to sand out. Sanding drums, the Dremel tool and a lot of time reshaped and blended the adjustable cheek piece into the body of the stock.

Here it is, sitting at 100 grit. Needs to go to about 220 or so to be somewhat respectable. There's a few tiny areas that still need the factory stain sanded off. Probably another two hours of work before it's ready for some color.

Happily surprised to find zero wood filler. From all the airgun article I've read over the years, I was led to believe that massive amounts of wood putty was mandatory for China made rifle stocks. Maybe in the past, maybe on some, but not here. The only filler present is the small amounts of epoxy that I added when fitting the slot for the accessory rail.

I'm tempted to make a slightly flared maple grip cap to get some extra length on the short (for me) grip. Since it's taken this long already, I'll probably do it.

Assuming that the dark areas are mineral streaks. I've no idea what kind of wood this is. Hope it stains well. Let me rephrase that. I hope it stains well the first time, as I have no desire to sand it out and start anew.

More soon.

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