Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TF79 Upgrades--Part 3

The wretched adjustable buttplate project continues...

Reamed the 3/8" through hole for the rod.

Too much flash. Still, you can see that the heads of the M6 bolts are recessed to clear the 3/8 mounting rod.

like so

Block assembled. It's vertically adjustable on the rod. I'll eventually add a flat on the rod for the setscrews to bear against.

Moving on to the shoulder blocks. These will be individually adjustable on the 3/8" rod.

Rough cut.

Trued up the ends in the 4-jaw chuck.

A facing cut on each end gave 90 degree edges.

And another...

No daylight on the edges. Good enough for me.

Still need another block for the bottom, a top piece and a shoulder hook, a base plate... This is gonna take some time.

Layout for the 3/8" mounting hole as well as pinch clamp bolts.

And the adapter needs a threaded hole for it's shoulder block.

Tapped M5 x 0.8mm.

Spotted and through drilled for clearance for the M5 mounting bolt.

Countersunk and screwed to the block.

Each lower plate was through drilled for the 3/8" rod,

Then drilled for an M5 pinch bolt.

Counterbored for the heads of the fasteners.

Roughly sawed a slot--I'll open and even all these up with a slitting saw. Tapped the M5 threads.

Lower plates attached to the rod.

It's barely starting to look like something. I'll probably make the hook next then move on to the top.

More soon.


NWOshooter said...

You should consider reducing the width of the plates on your buttplate -- they should be as unobtrusive as possible (and rounded to prevent snagging).


derrick38 said...


Yep, they're 1/2" thick at the moment and still have a lot of shaping before they're done.