Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baikal IJ-22 Air Rifle Disassembly & Reassembly Notes, Part 3

Almost done…

The piston seal screw has seen better days and is a replacement. The seal looks good.

Piston face.

That screw is wrong, I’m surprised it even held on at all.

Seal parts.

The breech seal is ok.

Notice the barrel is a rifled brass liner.

I found a good candidate for a replacement screw, but it needs a shorter head.

Chucked in an arbor.

Faced flat.

A replacement spring, two less coils, same diameter wire, a lot less curvature… Then reassembly just as disassembly, in reverse. I lubed everything, lightly.

Again, note the need to rotate the trigger block when assembling.


Just for posterity.

The butt plate. Note it says IZh (in Cyrillic) rather than Baikal. I wonder why we call it an IJ-22? Just a Blue Book oddity, or some romanization of Cyrillic?

The rifle shoots! Quite powerful for its size although it may be dieseling a little due to the fresh lubes. I still need to sort out an issue with the rear sight, chrony it and check accuracy. I may lightly refinish the stock, or just re-oil it, not sure yet. I really love this rifle. More to come, later on.


Ryan said...

I'd leave that stock just as it is. Wipe it down with a non petroleum an non silicone oil and enjoy it in it's rustic state.

Carel said...

Hey what spring did you use to replace the old one?

Carel said...

What are the specs of the spring you used to replace the old one? I have the same rifle also with a slack spring.

Felice Luftschein said...

I'm 99% sure the spring was from an IZh61/IZh60, it was one I found in my pile of spare parts, .76" diameter and .11" dia wire (all measurements vaguely correct) with about 26/27 coils (depending if you count the last one), two less coils than the original spring. It seemed identical to the IZh61 spring I have as a spare. So I would suggest trying one from the IZh61 - they shipped with an extra spring so you should be able to get one used or from Baikal.

derrick38 said...

Here's what I had from the spring in my IZH-61:
The stock spring was 8.875" long. OD was 0.765" Wire diameter 0.100" ID is 0.565".

Maccari's E8700 spring might be a good choice. It would have to be cut down and the spring guide possibly fitted, but that's a good thing...

Carel said...

Great thanks a lot!

Phil said...

I have been given an IJ 22 and would like to take it to France. They have different rules, depending on whether the rifle's power is higher or lower than 10 joules.
Does anyone know the specification for this rifle?
Many thanks,

Gee 72 said...

I have lost the front action screw on the trigger guard , any ideas where I can pick up a new one or even original? Just picked up this lovely little rifle and am in the process of slight restoration .....great blog , even if I am a few years late in finding it. But as they say " better late than never"

Gee 72 said...

I have list the front action screw on the trigger , can you point me in the right direction?

Felice Luftschein said...

Not really, screws are best home made for guns this old, you can try Chambers gunmakers in the UK?