Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baikal IJ-22 Air Rifle Disassembly, Part 1

Derrick sent me one of the rifles on my wish list, the IZh Baikal IJ 22.
The rifle wouldn’t shoot a pellet out the barrel. Although it’s an IJ 22, the rifle is .177 caliber.
Here is a Russian Airgun Forum thread on the rifle, with pics of the manual.

The rifle. Unique stock styling.

I love the stock detail at the wrist.

The other side.

The plastic medallion. Mine has the odd black streak on both sides.
”MADE IN USSR”! The rifle dates from the 1970’s and was produced for export, although I believe it was also sold internally.

The barrel has a release latch which I generally prefer to the spring loaded detent found on most modern spring piston air rifles.

The front sight has a great profile.

Let’s get started! The stock front screws.

With screw cups! That’s quality.

The front side stock screws.

I thought the rear screw on the trigger guard would be the rear action screw, but it’s just a wood screw. The front trigger guard screw was the action screw.

Butt plate and cap, with white spacers. Not sure what plastic they are made of.

The trigger block. Retained by a pin.

An anti-beartrap mechanism.

Cocking linkage.

More detail of the anti-beartrap (or perhaps trigger cutoff is a better description).

More to come…


Joel said...

That's a beauty, I love those old Baikals.

I hope you can get it shooting again.

Toby said...

Does anyone know were I can get the main spring for this IJ-22?

It is the only thing missing.
Can't find it anywere.

Toby said...


I am looking for the main spring for my Baikal IJ-22, does anyone knows were I can get it?


Nick Carter said...

I used an IZH-61/IZH-60 spring, try EAA or Pyramyd air.

Anonymous said...

I have a perfectly working model ij-22 that to my knowledge has not been disassembled. Included a smack of .177's to play with. Will provide photos and such, abacurio@yahoo.ca

Anonymous said...

I just came into possession of a Baikal IJ 22. It looks just like the one in the disassembly photos above except the medalions on each side of the stock on mine are metal not plastic. Does anyone know about how much this gun is worth?

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone a HW-30 main spring Is a straight drop in for the IJ-22 Brian

Anonymous said...

Hi mate, Firstly I like your blog,It is easy to follow and understand and secondly I have a IJ-22 Bought it when I was about 10 years old at K Mart in AUS
and I am 45 now. Is there any chance of getting or finding a barrel for it because when I was about 14 I got a few slugs jambed in the end of the barrel and instead of clearing it out I cut about 6 inches off the end. Hence why Im looking for a new one or can it be repaired. Can anyone help Cheers Marc.

Nick Carter said...

I don't thinkparts are available but you can try:
Bryan and Associates, Mac1, Precision Pellet or JG airguns.

Chambers Gunmakers

Tell them I sent you.

Other than that you would need to cut the old barrel off, bore out the breech block and fit a new barrel which requires a machine shop...

Anonymous said...

I just bought one for $35,is it worth that much or more?

Momen Shoukry said...

i have a black one but the weird thing that its made from fiber not wood and its a real beauty shooting and everything my question is there any models of it that was made from fiber cause i cant find anything like it ....

Yksi ratsastajista said...

"Butt plate and cap, with white spacers. Not sure what plastic they are made of."

I believe those are make of Bakelite, one of the first synthetic plastics. It was very popular in Russian military, AK-47 Kalashnikov magazines and AK bayonet handles for example.

I'm just guessing at the looks of it, I'm not sure though.

All in all, very nice air-rifle you got there :)

GW Vectra said...

Hello Nick.I noticed that your ij22 seems ti have an identical action as the ij 38 i own.And like mine it may have been put together slightly wrong.If you look at the ij38 drawings
Notice that the spring guide goes inside the piston.It fits so perfectly in the trigger unit it seems the obviouse place to put it.But (on the 38 at least) its wrong.Also. What velocity is yours ? Mine refuses to do more than 390fps in .177. And no matter what i try there seems no way to get more.I suspect mine has a cracked in the cylinder at the detent.

Felice Luftschein said...

Interesting, I'll have to open it up again and see if it works better with the spring guide in the piston.

I'm not sure I ever shot it over the Chrony, will have to try that.

Jim Davis said...

Given one of these recently and I've just got around to researching it. The cocking mechanism is sloppy so the barrel droops, I'll re-pin the joints to take up the slack and make some new seals. A good looking little gun and seems well made and light.

Rans Rudalf said...

Hi, I am from india.
I have one, with black fiber stock IJ-22. i never find the same,happy to see you .

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

I am Joe from Indonesia, it is nice to see your blog,i have an old russian air rifle but i don't know what brand/type of this air rifle, the logo and barrel realese button identical with IJ-22, but the barrel release button is in the right side), the logo identical with IJ-22 Stamp, logo in my rifle is (shield with a arrow pointing upward and below of the shield there is a writing "1963г"), it is all stamped on top of the chamber at the rear side, and for the stock is almost identical with beeman C1, the last one is on the barrel breech block with the number "г 4573" .

Could you help me to identify what brand / type of this air rifle?

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

I am Joe from Indonesia, thank you for posted my comments in your blog, herewith i would like to share the album pictures of the airfile, hopely you and all the readers in your blog could give more further information about this air rifle.

Here is the link:

Best Regards,

Felice Luftschein said...

Never seen that make Joe, you could ask on the vintage airgun forum and you would possibly find out. Nice gun!

Anonymous said...

Hello Felice, thank you for your sugestion.
Yes i would try to find that forum.

peter said...

i have this ij-22, but the piston seal is destroyed, please tell me the diameter of the seal so i can replace it, thank you!

GW Vectra said...

Joe.Looked at the emblem of the shield and arrow and that's the Baikal emblem. I wonder if they made a left and right hand version. Seems a bit crazy but Russians do things differently.And it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

GW Vectra. Yes you are right refer to the emblem, because of my poor knowledge about this rifle i just want to make sure that is it really one of Baikal type or not, and i found at least one forum talking about this rifle too, this is the link:

Thank you for your comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi could anyone please tell me the type of air rifle that I have. One the barrel all it says is made in USSR with the numbers B53779 could someone please help Gary