Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grips for the Crosman 150 Part 4 Final

Still sanding away.

At this point, the grips are pretty much finished. Just evening the grips out here and there. Trying to get symmetry.

Want that line at the bottom of the curve a bit more defined.

Marking an angle...

then sanded the heel.

There was nothing wrong with the heel the way it was, but its a simple step that (I hope) adds some visual interest.

Sanded to 400 grit then rubbed down with 0000 steel wool.

Rather than oil the grips, I went with a wax. The Briwax is outstanding, but apply it outdoors or get the tolulene free formula.

Generously waxed the wood, let it dry, then hit it on a stitched wheel.

Should've used a different wheel, but it was late and this was the only one on hand that didn't have polishing compound in it. It worked fine.

Some pics.

Just looked at the board I cut this from and there's enough left over for another similar grip. So, there's maybe $13 in wood here.

There's a WoodCraft store about half an hour from here. I can kill an hour just browsing all the exotic lumber.

The grips fought me non-stop for pictures. They're so smooth and glossy, all the camera sees is reflected white light. The rosewood compliments the blued steel of the 150 nicely. They feel great in the hand and look stunning. I think they're done.


Joel said...

They really turned out nicely, Derrick. Blogs like this really make me want to buy more shop equipment!

DaveUK said...

What a beautiful job you've done.

derrick38 said...

Thanks for the compliments guys.

Joel, you can do this on a shoestring budget. A small drill press and a couple sanding drums will do the trick.

Chris said...

Terrific work as always! Those are beautiful grips.

Unknown said...