Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Umarex Walther PPK/S

An extremely generous fellow surprised me with a Umarex Walther PPK/S BB pistol yesterday, just turned up in the mail. I emailed him and he replied that the slide kept popping off while firing and that he wasn’t able to get it back together. So he sent it to me as he knew I’d get it working and enjoy it. Sometimes airguns are like that, they drive you nuts until you just can’t stand the sight of a particular problem gun (I know I have several I’d like to run over with a steam roller).


As received.


The slide was detached. Googling around for information I came upon an excellent Youtube video detailing the disassembly and reassembly. Although I’m not a big fan of using a drill bit as a pin punch, but you do what you can with what you have.


Spring in place.


Unlike the pistol in the video, a previous owner had replaced the trigger guard with a laser sight made for the pistol. The pin that retains the stock trigger guard is not used. The trigger guard is pivoted down.


And twisted slightly to stop it against the frame.


Then the slide is slid on.


And down. It needed a bit of wiggling.


Part of the problem is that instead of using a pin to retain the trigger guard, thus locking the slide in place, the laser sight used two socket set screws. So I tightened those down. I think I’ll make small dimples in the frame to more securely lock them.


Looks cool…makes me want a “real” PPK.


Not a big fan of the bulky CO2 screw knob. But it does provide good leverage.


Four magazines loaded with steel bbs.


Inserting the magazine.


The gun felt stiff, and the plastic shroud around the barrel seemed tight. Several times when first shooting it the slide locked up, requiring manual recocking. I greased it up and it worked better but I’ll probably smooth it a bit.


The slot the CO2 cartridge fits in is pretty tight which makes replacing cartridges a pain. I think I’ll trim a little off the sides. You can see that it pinches the cartridge enough that it stands up…


It was getting late but I ran it a bit to test. The blue group is with steel bbs at about 10 feet. The red circles are a 5 shot group using lead bbs (not .177 lead round ball, will try that later) used in the Haenels.

The pistol isn’t particularly accurate and the laser needs to be zeroed to the point of impact (it was shooting low), as well I think it needs some gentle tuning. I’ll work on that later this week. It is a fun pistol, and while the “blowback” action serves absolutely no purpose, it looks and feels realistic.


Joel said...

I have one without the laser sight, and it's a lot of fun. BTW the "blowback" DOES have a functional purpose: it cocks the hammer for the next shot! :)


I've got a "garage sale special" Gamo PT-80 that needs a new seal and may have a barrel alignment issue... You want to have it to tear down and play with? Gratis, naturally.

Love the blog.

Nick Carter said...

I have a PT-80 that's missing about 50% of its parts, so I'd love to play with your "garage sale special", maybe between the two I can put together something that works well. Email me privately cartertools@gmail.com

Josh C. said...

the major culprit for the slide sticking is the excessive length of the slide screw (the one on the top of the slide) this causes it to gall on the round co2 blater/aperature thingy (idk) but look at it and you'll see where.

James said...

The PPK is a blast converted to full auto. Easy to do as well

Unknown said...


Anybody knows where to find one Parts Breakdown / Exploded View for the Umarex Walther PPK./S ?

I am not able to put it together anymore, so please, please, help!

Thanks in advanace, Relu

Anonymous said...

i modded mine for full auto...then ordered a new trigger lever and returned it to semi auto...but the slide action doesn't want to re-cock the hammer..i have to manually cock it each shot...i ordered a new valve..and the firing pin housing wouldn't fit over the valve so i filed down the edges and fixed the company's mistake...that wasn't the problem though, i'm still not sure what is. i have also modified my ppk/s by extending the barrel with a piece of aluminum tubing i found at the hardware store that fit a bb snug. now i have a silencer on my ppk/s that isn't just for looks but rather hides the extended barrel of almost 8 inches as opposed to the meager 3 1/2 inches stock hehehe suckas beat that

kurt said...

my dad found his old ppks in the attic and gave it to me. the only problem is it is missing the co2 screw knob. do you guys know where i can buy a replacment for just that part or a link to show me how to make a substitute? thank you

Felice Luftschein said...

You can try Umarex, http://www.umarexusa.com/

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Umarex doesn't seem to have exploded views/parts lists on their site, except for maybe a half dozen guns, and the PPK is not one of them.

BTW, in the event that any owners of this gun ever have a problem that can be described as the slide sticking about 1/4 of an inch back, see this comment on this blog:

johnblackwood said...

The new ppks is great took out the pin that was making the gun anstripable now it strips and fires great looking for 6 mm PPK/S by maeusen with treaded barrel 9178592138 if you want to get rid of yours

Unknown said...

I removed the trigger pin by mistake, and can't put it back do you know where could I send it to fix or how could I do it my self?