Friday, September 17, 2010

Feinwerkbau Palm Rest

Update on the Anschutz palm rest. I caved in and bought it.

Here's another rare palm rest. This one is a Feinwerkbau anatomic. (FWB's part # Unlike the Anschutz, this one has gimbaled adjustments, and is hand specific. This only fits the left hand so is made for a right-handed stock. Got it? Outside of the FWB accessory page on their website, I've never seen one before. I searched all the vintage Beeman catalogs and couldn't find a single shred of info. I'm guessing that Beeman never imported this item. I'll also assume since this is laminated like some of the FWB 10-meter rifles in the 1990's, that it was introduced sometime around the 601, C60/C62 release.

This one has been very lightly used. Mickey, the gentleman who owned it, collected 10-meter rifles and pistols and all the obscure related equipment. He traveled through Europe much of his life and so I'll surmise that he bought this in Germany.

Just a bunch of views.

The match gun accessory rail was standardized between most companies. This will fit FWB, Walther, Steyr, Anschutz, Dianawerk, Crosman, Air Force...

For a sense of scale, I typically wear a LG/XL glove. The Euro palm rests are massive.

Well, sadly, I've kissed it goodbye. This one's now gone off to none other than FrankB. Hope you enjoy it.

I'll be back to the Marksman Mod. 70 next time around. Also Frank's!


Frank B said...

I feel like the mean old man down the block that eventually owns all the balls and frisbees ....but then I wake up and realize I'm just obsessed.
Ps.SlingingLead....I hate me too!

Pete Zimmerman said...

One reason the palm rest is rare is that it is illegal in international rules 10 m rifle shooting. So nice as it would be to use it, you cannot.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that the palm rest is fine in free rifle, which probably accounts for its existence. ;-)

derrick38 said...

Yes, I should have mentioned that in the posts about the palm rests. While they are illegal in formal matches, I wonder just how many 10 meter rifles are out there that are not, and never will be, fired in a match? It sure seems like a cool, fun gadget for most of us.

pete z said...


I agree completely, but most of the top-level guns start out being bought for matches, and probably then progressively "degrade" as the owner "upgrades". I'm keeping my stuff match legal against the time, in a year or so, when I am good enough to compete.

Anonymous said...

Would this palm rest fit on the 300s?

derrick38 said...

Yep. It'll fit the FWB 300

Billy Pounds said...

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