Monday, June 28, 2010

Spinning the Wheels on the SA6

Progress report.

The second coat of epoxy paint orange peeled pretty badly. My fault. I second-coated about 10 hours after the first coat. Had I followed the directions on the can, I should have waited only about half an hour. Or maybe it was the 90% relative humidity. Either way, I'm stripping paint and waiting for the cold front to arrive. Today is almost 20 degrees cooler already than yesterday. I'm slowly getting there.

If you've not checked out the blog links, my uncle recently started writing a rather unique blog about knives. He's pretty articulate and thoughtful in his writing style. Maybe check it out.

I'll get back to the SA6 as soon as I have some dry paint that doesn't look cratered.


Orin said...


I think the one thing I probably cannot fit into my schedule is another riveting blog. But I'm sure I'll try. Thanks for the link to your uncle's knife blog. I forwarded it to a few of my dad's friends who are "avid" (i.e. - self-proclaimed) knife collectors.

Can't wait to see the finish on that SA6. Is chrome dip totally out?

- Orin

BG_Farmer said...

The re-coat time is tricky -- either almost immediately or wait some really long time. I used to get some really bad spray paint results when I would try to cover too much, decide to wait the full dry time, then get impatient and re-coat:). Now I usually just do 2-3 coats up front and only re-coat if it looks like it needs it.

I love the appliance spray paint -- it can hold up for years, even in a bathtub. The "Rustoleum Professional" stuff is not quite as tough, but it also give great results and dries almost instantly -- very toxic fumes (probably toulene) tell me it must be good:).

Hang on -- the heat and humidity just left, at least here. I hope we'll have a stretch of tolerable weather:).

derrick38 said...

Yeah, timing that second coat has been tough lately as painting after I get home from work and it's 9:30 PM. By the time I'm ready to hit it with a second coat, it's too dark outside to see anything. I should just drop it in Plasti Dip and leave it vinyl coated. Wouldn't need grips.