Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crosman Single Action 6 Disassembly

Derrick bought a brace of Crosman Single Action 6 revolvers at his local flea market and kindly sent me the most damaged one.

Classic western styling.

We'll start on this side.

It's a .22 and single action, holds six pellets.

Removing the grips.

4 screws hold it together.

Like so many airguns, when you separate the halves stuff flies all over.

The CO2 cartridge screw and nut. It's contersunk on the end.

Cylinder/valve assembly and barrel.

The valve assembly comes out the front of the cylinder.

The pellets load in the front, rather than the rear of the cylinder. There's supposed to be a spring that holds the pellets in but it's missing. Gas flows from the valve in the back through the cylinder wall and behind the pellet.

Valve assembly and steel plate/cylinder cover/barrel retainer.

One o-ring...

Using the lathe as a wrench to unscrew the valve.

Valve separated.

One more o-ring, spring and valve stem.

Inside the valve body front.

Felt filter, brass screen, cup retainer. There should be an o-ring and/or face seal in the front of the valve, but whatever was there is missing.

This is how the trigger and hammer should be assembled. Using a slave pin to hold the hammer in place.

Another shot. Notice the cylinder pawl.

Also missing a spring and ball detent for the cylinder.
Pretty simple, really. Now to reassemble it...


David said...

Do you have any idea what a gun like this sales for.

Nick Carter said...

Between $10-$100 depending.

Anonymous said...

I know this blog is old. Hopefully you get this and I can get an answer. I picked up a Crosman Single Action 6 CO2 western pellet pistol. It has the old copper cylinder in the gun. I'm looking for the barrel cover that goes over the cylinder tank. Any ideas where I can find one, original or aftermarket.
Thank you,

Nick Carter said...

I have heard of people using a cigar tube (aluminum or plastic), cut to length and spray painted black. I'd probably hit my local irrigation or hardware store and see if there's some tubin that would work. Otherwise you need to ask on one of the Crosman forums, check Bryan & Associates, or look for a parts gun on gunbroker.

Sticks said...

Where the heck does the bb retainer part 45-29 go on the crosman SA-6, I'm repairing one and this is the last piece of the puzzle. Any help would be appreciated thank you

Anonymous said...

where does the bb retainer go, it is part 45-29 on the Crosman manual for the SA-6. Any help would be appreciated thank you

Anonymous said...

the bb retainer is just for the hahn 45, the sa6 shoots pellets retained by a spring in the cylinder...

Robert Daily said...

Did you ever find out im rebuilding one and have same question

Robert Daily said...

Same question help

Robert Daily said...

I have the same question on hahn 45

Felice Luftschein said...