Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gecado Diana Model 5 Pistol Disassembly, Part 2

On I go.

Pushed this pin out.

Came out easily.

Removing the pivot bolt lock screw.

Barrel and breech removed.

Lack of a breech seal...need to make one.

That rivet looks like it won't come out, being flared out at the ends.

But it pushed out easily.

Trigger & spring.

Cocking transfer bar slides forward, up and out.

Trigger pull screw on the right, lock screw on the left.

Mist be missing the plunger/ball on the end?


Lock screw removed.

The end cap lock screw was missing.

Cap unscrewed.

Just like the other Diana 5.

The piston was stuck so I resorted to this insane solution, my home made slide hammer vise grips holding a bent hook tool...

Which gripped the inside of the piston slot.

Braced in the vise with a piece of brass rod through the pivot holes.

The piston was pulled out.

Unlike any other Diana piston head.

And the head is loose...If anyone has taken apart a similar Diana and has a picture of a good condition piston head like this I'd love to see it. As is I'll probably whip up a replacement dovetailed head that matches the later 5 and solder it in.

You can see the step inside the piston that the head butts up against.

Now to get to work fixing the problems and getting it to shoot.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog alot. Will you ever be taking apart a benjamin hpa pump. I have one that dose not work and would like to see how to repair it. It might make a good project for you.

Felice Luftschein said...

I probably won't be taking apart a pump, those are really best sent off to the factory for repair.

derrick38 said...


I've got one and there's no way I'd take it apart unless it was out of warranty.

That said, there was some good info about rebuilding them on the Yellow airgun forum:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I just bought one at auction, seemed fine, but didn't fire pellets very far. Seals original leather and disintegrating. Have bought new seals and apart from the suprise of the spring pinging out backwards the piston apears stuck, it slides part the way down and sounds like it hits a limiter screw, but I cannot see any inthe barrel. Is like what you found with yours?



Nick Carter said...

Mine was just stuck at the end, if yours slides partway, not sure what could be causing it, double check the tube and also if the trigger hasn't been removed, remove the trigger and sear, etc.