Friday, April 30, 2010

Gecado Diana Model 5 Pistol Disassembly, Part 1

I couldn't pass up the offer of a beat up early (but post war) Gecado branded Diana 5 pistol.

Rusty. Notice the tapered barrel.

This is before Diana went with the ugly yet comfortable plastic grips/stock.

A sinister development, in that someone removed the thumb rest so it could be shot left handed. Not sure how or whether I'll fix that.

That's probably a crack.

The sights are different than the later Diana 5, and the windage screw is broken off and missing the adjustment nut.

Trigger guard, it all starts here.

Just as on the later Diana but different...

Action removed from the grip/stock.

The rear sight removed by unscrewing one screw and the elevation screw.

Different from the later model. to take that apart, wiggle, wiggle.

Elevation screw & detent.

More disassembly.

The windage screw is part of the stamping and sheared off. That'll be fun to fix.

Different again from the later Diana and more adjustable.

Lower screw locks the spring adjuster.

Removing the lower screw first.

And teh spring comes out through the hole.

The parts. Bored yet?

Transfer bar thingamajig slides out. Just like all the postwar Diana pistols.

More to come...

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