Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Crosman 180, Part 3

Now to look at the stock.

I got a little aggressive with the belt sander.

There is a lot of wood on the 180 stock.

More sanding.

It cleaned up ok, although there are a few problem areas.

A light coat of cherry stain, then repeated applications of tru-oil.

So the valve body o-ring groove has been machined?

It seems wrong to have an o-ring there without backing.

So I added a smaller one behind it.

The original breech plug went back in and it needed a spacer.

I reassembled the trigger.

Because of all the sanding I did, the post stood proud of the stock. Notice a small amount of breakthrough into the spring recess...

So I drilled out the trigger guard to slip over the post.

And got out my drawer of shim washers.

A spring washer will do the trick.

Works like a charm. It's important that the action not be loose at all in the stock.

All back together. It shot between 575-515 fps over 20 shots at 50 degrees. The last 10 shots fell below 500. It's a bit slow but a lot of that may be the temperature. We'll see if it gets faster in the summer. I thought I'd find a suitable butt plate at the gun show but didn't see anything. So that still needs doing.

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Unknown said...

For a butt plate why not make a checkerd brass one that would look nice.