Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Crosman 180, Part 1

A customer asked if he could use his Crosman 180 towards the purchase of a lathe. An agreeable discount was achieved and I received this rifle.

The 180. Cross trigger safety.

He made this inventive rear sight. I thought it was cool but unfortunately my hands are big and I couldn't grasp the cocking knob with it in place.

Another view.

He also stippled the stock.

More stippling.

For some reason the wood around the trigger guard was uneven. I'll probably clean the stock up a bit.

Trigger guard removed.

Earlier Crosman 180 ( and 160, 400, etc?) rifles have this sort of trigger with the pin supported by the wood and a safety that prevents the trigger from being fully depressed.

The trigger.

I pushed out the trigger pin.

The pin punch captures the trigger.

With the trigger removed you can see the trigger spring.

The parts.

This is the safety on "safe".

This is the safety on "fire"

Not really knowing how to get the safety out I just went at it with the pin punch against the stem of the safety.

I pushed it from the wrong side - the way I did it two little balls dropped out. If I had done it from the other side they would have been captured.

Punching out the other piece.

So three pieces, the left piece I don't know what it's called (the exploded drawing I have is illegible, it might be "safety click mphvwa") but the right one is called the "safety bushing". The left piece has internal grooves for the ball detent. The central piece is the "safety bar".


Ryan said...

Is that a new header?

Felice Luftschein said...

Yup, I got all creative.

boray said...

WOW! That rear sight has the steampunk vibe going on. Comical in a Rube Goldberg kinda way.