Monday, February 22, 2010

Pile of Benjamin Parts

Through the Vintage forum I managed to buy a pile of Benjamin parts the other day.

Valve pullers and wrenches. While I made my own, it's nice to have these antiques.

One has a longer nose than the other.

Random Benjamin parts. Most look used. Not sure what those flared tubes are for.

These are the front support for old Benjamin front pump type guns. Made of some old fashioned type of plastic/rubber.

Large pile of exhaust valves.

Not in the best shape. The longish stem on some shows that they were for possibly the #200, #600 or #700 rifles?

Inlet valves.

Interesting repairable design.

Again some had the long stems.

Misc tiny screws which will probably come in handy.

Old lead seals. Again I can make them but it's nice to have them anyway.

Something for my airgun "museum" for sure.

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