Friday, February 26, 2010

BSA Meteor Disassembly, Part 1

I picked up this BSA Meteor the other day on the Yellow Classified page. As with most of the airguns I buy what got me was the description of how beat up it was. Chambers has exploded drawings of all the Marks (versions) of the Meteor.

Doesn't look bad in a tiny picture.

BSA METEOR. Grooved for a scope.

B.S.A. GUNS LTD. ENGLAND .22 CAL, which is good as I'm sick and tired of .177 springers.

This one must have been imported by ITHACA GUN CO. INC. ITHACA N.Y.
I've seen other BSA airguns with this mark on them.

The rear sight is missing. This sight mount tells me it's a MK5, although the trigger (OK, I'm getting ahead of myself) says it's a MK4. Who knows.

Time to remove some screws.


The other side had a different screw and washer. I'm assuming the one on the right is correct.

Wallowed out screw hole. I'll likely make some screw cups.

Just like the Superstar I worked on...

The trigger guard.

The stock has some cracks that were glued...

Looks like it split...

And the end...but most seem solidly glued. I'll definitely be sanding the stock down, checking for other cracks and for the integrity of those repairs.

Plastic end cap.

Gamo uses a similar cap.

A cross pin holds the spring in.

The pivot pin.

Pressed out.

The pin is in good shape.

The cocking shoe is ugly but not terribly worn.

With the pin out the spring detent can be removed.

The chisel detent.

The tube is welded together from sheet.

More to come...


Slinging Lead said...


A great series as always. I love the way you guys/girls do your write-ups. Everything so simplified in such a humorous and humble way. It always makes for good reading.

When I first saw the photo of the pivot pin, I thought, "Nick has rats in his workshop?!"

What appeals to you more? A working but horribly abused rifle? Or one in better condition cosmetically, but completely defunct operationally?


Felice Luftschein said...

I think what appeals to me is a airgun that needs work. If I can get it functioning back to factory specs and I learn something then it's all good. Function over form always.