Monday, February 8, 2010

Crosman Model 600 Disassembly, Part 1

Derrick sent me a Crosman model 600 pistol to play with. It wouldn't feed reliably and was in poor shape, generally.

He shipped it with the grips already removed. Not that it would have added much to the process.

The 600 is a true semi-automatic pellet pistol, 10 round in line magazine.

I removed the piercing cap. There are several variations of this and I'll show another one later when I disassemble a second 600 I recently acquired.

I removed the rear sight screw.

A tiny ball bearing provides the detent for the sight elevation.

Sight components.

The rear cover is up next.

Held on by a screw and lock washer.

It retains the magazine spring.

I removed the spring and pulled the follower towards the rear. The knob is retained by an allen set screw.

With the knob removed the follower comes out. Here are the parts so far.

Here you can see the set screw, knob and follower.

The feed arm on this pistol is retained by one set screw. On others it may be retained by two.

With the screw removed the cam slides out the magazine tube.

The feed arm, cam and set screw.

The feed arm is a bit scarred up, likely due to inexpert unjamming technique (brute force with a screw driver).

More to come...


Bryan Hamblin said...

Thanks so much for this post and for the benjamin 132 series you did a while back. I just recenly got up the courage to rebuild a 132 that I purchased several years ago at a flea market. It would hold air when I got it, but the first time I tried to pump it the grip frame literally crumbled in my hand, and the pump arm pivots were worn to the size of pencil erasers. Anyway, it's up and working beautifully now, due in large part to your posts.

I am looking forward to what you find with the 600. I currently have one apart waiting for seals and parts from JGA.

By the way, it may be the pic, but that feed arm cam doesn't look quite right. How does the cam ring look?

Felice Luftschein said...
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Felice Luftschein said...

Thanks Bryan, The cam seems fine but the ring is worn. I have a 2nd 600 that I'll be showing in part 4. It's in better shape although one of the trigger parts is broken and the frame has a small issue...between the two I'll be able to get one running right away and then for the other? We'll see.

Nikos said...

Excellent work Nick. Many thanks for showing us one of the most interesting Crosmans. Kind regards, Nikos

Unknown said...

I do not see any reassembly for the crosman 600 pistol ,where do I look for that . THANKS --- Jim

Jim Matheson said...

I do not see any reassembly for the crosman 600 pistol ,where do I look for that . THANKS --- Jim

Felice Luftschein said...

It pretty much goes back together is the reverse of disassembly.

steveinsalida said...

This article on the Crosman 600 was very helpful in my rebuild, but how do you get part #600-29 back in the tube correctly?

Felice Luftschein said...

Do the reverse of what's shown in the 3rd article in this series.