Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taiyo Juki (EIG) Junior Disassembly, Part 2

On I go...

Pull the bolt back and the barrel plug comes free.

The bolt handle is not retained by a screw down the center as on the Crosmans.

A small screw is exposed in the loading trough.

Remove that screw and the barrel comes off the tube.

The spacer is made of steel, not plastic as on the Crosman rifles. A small length of soft rubber tube is used on the transfer port.

The profile with the flat angles goes down onto the tube.

A small screw forward of the trigger group is removed.

The small screw. It retains the valve assembly directly.

The post that the stock mounts to also retains the trigger assembly. Notice plier marks on the larger diameter section. Not my work, honest!

I grabbed it with pliers in the same place (I used a thin shim of aluminum to protect it) and it unscrewed easily. The trigger assembly came free.

I hate plier marks.

With the post removed you can see the valve stem.

I used a long screwdriver held at an angle and unscrewed the face of the valve through the front of the tube. I did not contact the piercing pin. Again, very little force was needed.

The valve assembly was pushed through out the back. A spacer fell out first.

The valve assembly. Again with the thick grease.

Spacer and valve assembly lined up with their holes.

The valve assy. unscrews. When it's tightened in the tube the o-ring expands to seal against the tube wall.

The piercing pin.

The spring had threaded itself onto the c-clip at the other end of the piercing pin. That's probably not right.

The exhaust valve looks a lot like a Crosman one.

The end of the valve.

The seal had almost completely disintegrated.

The bolt handle unscrews from the bolt. Look mom, no plier marks! It seems that every Crosman rifle I've bought has plier marks on the bolt handle.

The end of the flow through bolt.

I looked down the barrel and didn't see light. I pushed a dowel through and three pellets (one of which ended up in a far corner of the shop) came out. Good thing I checked.

Unlike the press fit valve stems on the later Crosmans the valve stem unscrews from the valve body. This is excellent design.

A lovely piece of screw machined work.

Bits of the old seal.

I unscrewed the spring from the piercing pin to expose the c-clip.

Next up? I'll reseal this rifle and have fun shooting it.

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