Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crosman MK2 Small Mystery--Solved!

Tracked down a very nice Crosman MK2 from Wayne last week. It just arrived a few hours ago. A quick examination reveals that this gun isn't stock. Somebody's paid some attention to this one.

This MK2 (.177 cal) was made sometime after 1975 based on the 9-digit serial number.

Loading bolt and knob are absolutely not stock and appear to be made from stainless steel.

An extended and thinned bolt nose. What's the story here?

This gun should have had a magnetic tip to work w/BB's or pellets. Obviously, this is set up just for pellets.

The knurling is extremely well formed on the knob.

The 30 or so shots I fired tonight (and I still haven't replaced the CO2 cartridge in the gun) were pretty darn impressive if this is a BB/pellet compromised barrel. The 9 and 10 ring are completely torn out of the target. Need to get some chrony numbers--no time for that until later this week. My wife came downstairs and wanted to know what rifle I was shooting it's so loud on full power.

Trigger was set to the lightest adjustment. Even a fraction of a turn lower and the high power won't hold on the sear. Obviously, it's been set up for target work. Wonder if anything else has been done to it internally?

So who made the loading bolt? I wish I knew who Wayne got it from. Anyone recognize their work? Ya done good!

Update: I did some internet sleuthing and found that the machinist was Mark from Iowa. Mark, absolutely first rate work here. If you want your last name used, just say so. He turned the part on a Mazak CNC lathe.

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Slinging Lead said...

I'm thinking anyone who put this much effort into this pistol would have replaced the barrel regardless, unless they were the original owners.

Congratulations, this is a very nice find. I may have to buy a few items from Wayne's toybox the next time he opens it up.