Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fixing the Crosman 622, Part 1

Well I got started on fixing the problems with the Crosman 622.

The valve with the stripped out mounting holes and Helicoil stuff.

Drilling the mounting holes out.

Just deep enough to kiss the bottom of the hole.

Tapped #10-32 Helicoil (which is larger than #10-32)

The helicoil loaded in the insertion tool.


The helicoil in place.

The original holes are #8-32 I think, but I was able to go to #10-32 no problem except that I had to turn the heads of the button head cap screws down. I used Stainless screws because that was what I had on hand...

In place.

I discovered another small problem, although I doubt it will effect the functioning of the slide.

With the Halves screwed to the valve I noticed there's still a bit of a gap...

Easily pressed closed by hand. I checked and one of the frame halves is tweaked slightly so that it's not flat. There's no good fix for that. It's not a huge deal if I get the whole tube&valve mounted securely.

Checking to see how much room I have to work with for pinning the valve parts together.

I think that this is how I'll pin the valve & tube together although I may make the pins go in horizontally. That way I can assemble the valve & tube connected to one of the receiver halves which should keep everything aligned more or less. I'm taking my time as screwing this up pretty much would wreck the valve body. I'm open to any and all input in the matter...

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