Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roger Mondial Pistol Disassembly, Part 1

This is another recent gun show purchase, a Roger CO2 BB pistol made by MMM Mondial. The manual is here, and there's another page on it here.

Not a bad looking piece of potmetal.

Removing the grips.

The other side of the grips have hexagonal countersunk nuts.

As does the frame, molded haxagonal recesses for the nuts.

The 4 screws removed. Don't lose those nuts, and it's a good idea to study which screw goes where...

The sight is a lot like the one on the Daisy 200.

The two screws pivot it on the angle for elevation.

There's a phillips head screw on the other side.

Be careful pulling the frame halves apart...I wasn't and parts got unsettled.

Here's the proper relationship of the parts.

Pulling the trigger pushes back the hammer until the sear slips off the pins, at the same time as the trigger raises the BB feed mechanism.

One more screw holds the valve assembly to the frame.

You can never have too many pictures of the spring assemblies...

Ok, no complaints if you can't get it back together.

The hammer and spring.

The long end fits down inside the slot.

The BB feed mechanism slides up in that slot.

The magnet.

A BB held by the magnet. Exciting!
More to come...


frederick horvath said...

Having a hard time sealing the cartridge...how thick is the urethane washer?

Nick Carter said...

I just winged it and never measured. You'll note in the article on sealing it (http://anotherairgunblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/roger-mondial-pistol-finishing-up.html) that I ended up shimming the seal - so best thing is to make the seal just to the level of the piercing pin tip then shim if it leaks and sand the seal down slightly if it won't pierce. This pistol will try your patience.

frederick horvath said...

Does the CO2 deteriorate seal material such as rubber or does the cold temperature causes it to shrink and leak? Every seal I tried would hold for several minutes and then start to leak. Is this why you use urethane?

Felice Luftschein said...

CO2 gets absorbed by some rubbers, polyurethane can handle it, Viton to a lesser degree, Buna, etc. will puff up with the CO2.

kristine said...

Hello, I just uncovered a 'MMM Mondial, Roger semi-automatic pistol BBgun; its missing the little screw, by the trigger [for adjustment] and the co2 cartridge piercing cap, that screws in. Are these still made and am I able to replace these parts? Replys requested.. K.Neil

Nick Carter said...

For reseal kits, parts and service you can try Bryan and Associates, Mac1, Precision Pellet or JG airguns.

In the UK: Lawrie Amatruda, lawrieandpat@talktalk.net
Chambers Gunmakers

Unknown said...

my co2 isnt fitting

Nick Carter said...

It takes an 8gram cartridge for seltzer makers not a big one.

Chuck from Colorado said...

Hey, Nick, thanks your amazing work on the air gun blog. Without it I wouldn't have had a chance of disassembling and resealing the Roger Mondial I picked up on a whim at a flea market a few months ago...I've never worked on any type of gun before. After measuring the depths of the seal areas, I settled on a sheet of 1/8-inch 90-durometer polyurethane via eBay. A simple power drill and bits were used to make the inner holes of the seals. For the outer-perimeter cuts I used a cork borer (size #3), which is basically a brass tube sharpened on one end by beveling and having a T-shaped handle on the other end. I was very lucky: everything sealed up on the gun with the first try. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

How do you push the stem out of the valve assembly?
Does the zinc cap have to be drilled in the middle?

Nick Carter said...

As I say, "The piercing pin came out with it. YMMV." The pin came out when I unscrewed the brass piercing cap. I definitely did not drill it. Maybe your internals are different than mine? Or maybe it's stuck.

Unknown said...

I am referring to the valve in picture mmmpic2
How do you separate the two halves?

Nick Carter said...

I didn't:
But another reader did: