Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Disassembling the Daisy Model 200 Pistol, Part 1

I decide to take apart my Daisy model 200 pistol I bought a while back. I had tried it with a CO2 cartridge and it leaked all the gas out quickly. I doubt it can be resealed...as far as I know very few if any people have had luck resealing them.

The Daisy model 200.

Grip covering the cartridge removed.

The other grip unscrewed.

You will notice that the piercing pin has no seal. I'm not entirely sure of the mechanism by which it is supposed to seal in the cartridge, but it does have a high polish. Perhaps the older Daisy cartridges had an integral seal? I have no idea, but as far as I know that's how it is supposed to look. If you peruse the patent, you will see that it shows the pin piercing the cartridge with no other method of sealing. Some people has substituted the seal from other Daisy guns which do have a positive method of sealing.

The rear sight.

It has a crude method for elevation, with one screw being loosened and the other tightened to lever it into position.

The two other grip frame screws are removed.

And the grip frame slides off...

Except it's held by that spring.

Which is removed.

Then the two assemblies seperate.

The action slides out of the upper assembly.

An interesting spring.

The spring loaded feed mechanism is held by one screw.

Removed and the feed mechanism slides off the barrel.

The parts of the feed mechanism.
More to come.


Anonymous said...

My Model 200 is at least 40 years old and leaks internally. I might tackle that problem after your post. Thanks.Jim

Unknown said...

My model 200 purchased 1968. seems to leak internally, not at the piercing point. interested in outcome of your venture. thanks, Martin

Unknown said...

My model 200 purchased 1968. Leaks internally, not where it pierces the cartridge. thanks for your info and I look foward to any further data you share. Martin

Unknown said...

were could I get the spring that is on top of the shuttle.

Nick Carter said...

For reseal kits, parts and service you can try Bryan and Associates, Mac1, Precision Pellet or JG airguns.

titan56 said...

I solved the leak by inserting an O-ring. I dissasembled a year ago,stored it and reassembled this AM. I seem to have an extra screw. Identical to the one that secures the right grip. Any ideas?

Nick Carter said...

Not sure, just double check and make sure you didn't leave anything off?

David321 said...

To titan 56...
Where did you put the O ring? On the outside of piercing pin?
The extra screw must go to the inside of right grip to help hold body in place.
I have the 200 and am determined to stop internal leak.
Thanks to all contributors or I would have quit by now.

Unknown said...

My 200 has a slotted sealing device around the piercing pin. Is anyone familiar with this setup?

John B. said...

i got a 200 from someone that I helped out took it apart cleaned it up works great nice toy

Unknown said...

I had a Model 200 when I was young, So purchased this one on eBay. It does not leak, but I can't load the (5) shot feeder, it loads maybe 3 BB, but it's hard to fill to 5 shots. I know how to load it. Never had a problem with my original Model 200. Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

I have a Daisy 200 pistol. I took it apart to clean it and a small cylinder that looks like it should fit under the trigger where it says OIL ELEVATOR. How does this part go back in? Is there supposed to be a spring on top of it?