Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crosman 622 Disassembly, Part 2

On I go...
EDIT 11/04/09: I added some more info in the text based on what I've found leafing through the service manual and putting it back together

All of the guts.

The trigger, bushing and spring.

The hammer assembly.

That screw is loctited in and I could see no reason to tempt breaking it off. The hammer looks fine so I'll leave it alone.

The bolt assembly, and valve & tube assembly.

The bolt. This will get more attention as I go into rebuilding the 622...

The spring on the pawl has a large and small end. The small end goes around the plastic pawl.
EDIT 11/04/09: I'm not so sure about that now, seems the large end does...

The bolt is riveted, somewhat, to the pump link.

That screw holding the tube to the valve is not stock.
EDIT 11/04/09: This screw is a stock screw.

Neither is the setscrew on the other side.
EDIT 11/04/09: I still think this one isn't stock.

Both screws removed, and the tube comes off.

The problem with this design of rifle is that a small boss on the receiver holds the tube and the front of the valve against the CO2 pressures. Not good. So likely the previous owner tried to fix it with screws. Which led to a chunk of the valve body breaking...
EDIT 11/04/09: No, it probably broke because it's a bit of bad design on an otherwise great rifle.

The setscrew just bore on the inlet valve assembly. Not good either, really.

Standard 38 piercing pin and seal.

At least I have a bunch of those laying around, although this one looks fine.

The exhaust valve, spring and inlet valve assy.

Another view.
Well she's all taken apart, now I have to figure out how to pin the valve to the tube (Mac1 Airguns will do this for you, if I was less foolish I'd probably send this to him) so that everything is retained stress free. That'll take a bit of thinking.


Unknown said...

Thank you for this Post.My 622 work now again! Ron from Germany

Unknown said...

How to reassembling crosman 622?

Unknown said...

How to reassembling crosman 622? Thanks...

Nick Carter said...

The reverse of disassembly.

Unknown said...

I need a barrel