Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reassembling an IZH Baikal 513M, Part 2

Almost there!

The holes in the tube and the bushing are lined up.

And the pins inserted.

You can see the plastic bushing has been pushed out of the spring guide, having done its job.

The trigger has a spring loaded plunger that needs to get shoehorned back into place.

A 1/4" leaf gage works admirably for this.

Then I held it in position with a rubber band.

Aligned with the mounting screw holes.

The blocking lever is put back into place.

The pivot screw is put back in. You'll notice that I accidentally put it in backwards. It doesn't matter.

The end of the pivot screw.

With circular nut and lock washers in place.

The blocking lever was hooked back onto the cocking arm.

Getting that spring back into place was hard! But it all sort of slips into position.

The polymer bushing reinserted into the stock.

And where we started, with the front stock screw back in place.

Preliminary testing shows a slight reduction in velocity with the rifle shooting CP 14.9 gr. pellets at around 770-780 fps. We'll see how that changes after I put a hundred or so through it. As I told Derrick in an email,the rifle has a lot less "grumpy" in it now. It still recoils but isn't nearly as harsh and there's a lot less mechanical noise.


Fused said...

'Less grumpy'... not exactly a hearty endorsement. I'm still interested in one, but curious if the firing cycle now feels like a quality rifle but with significant recoil, or just feels wrong and harsh even after a tune. How is the trigger? I've not heard much mentioned about it.

Felice Luftschein said...

Well, these things are subjective, it certainly isn't akin to a German air rifle...but one man's harsh is another man's pleasant...

But I'd say it feels better than the Gamos I've shot. It's pretty darn powerful which is likely why it has so much recoil.

The trigger - heavy. But I haven't looked at adjusting it yet. That'll come later on...