Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reassembling an IZH Baikal 513M, Part 1

I cleaned the oil from all the parts and commenced reassembly.

The end of the spring was very rough. That's a sharp square end on the spring and the surface was far from polished. You can see tiny bits of paper towel caught on the burrs!

Some time on a unitized wheel smoothed everything out, at both ends.

Ah yes, the sear...I put the balls in their holes, slid that plastic bushing over and inserted the piston sear.

The bushing captures everything in preparation for insertion...

I put a very thin coat of lube on the washer and rear bushing.

All is ready and has a very thin coat of Maccari clear lube. I put a thin smear of moly on the piston head skirt.

I used the Maccari black spring tar sparingly on the spring.

On it's way to completion.

Mounted in the spring compressor and ready for final assembly.

There's only one way the trigger assembly can mount to the rear bushing but the bushing can be mounted in the tube upside down if you don't pay attention...more to come.

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