Friday, March 27, 2009

Early Crosman Model 101 Disassembly, Part 1

I bought a lot of three Crosman 101 rifles last year.

I decided to start on the top one. The one beneath it is of similar vintage but has more issues. My plan is to not restore the finish but to just get it functioning. I want a specimen rather than a beauty.

The only real problem is a chip out of the pump arm. Not sure what to do but I may just leave it.

Removing the stock screw.

The cork gasket needs to be replaced.

The cocking knob doesn't seem to be original so I'll swap with the other ones knob.

I'll need to make some tools...

The other cocking knob fits fine.

I slid the small spring that retains the pump pivot pin off to the right.

And removed the pin.

Gently tapping off the front plug.

The two parts.

The pump plunger is leather!

For the life of me I couldn't remove this pin. So I decided to leave that assembly together for fear of destroying that fiber sleeve.

Removing the rear sight.

With the cocking knob removed the bolt just slides out.


The Cruzer said...


I have an old Crosman 101. I need the rear sight bracket, lock nut, washer and peep sight. Basically I need the whole set up for the sights. Do you have an extra one I can buy or do you know where I can get one? Please reply to

Thanks, Freddie

Nick Carter said...

Bryan and associates has sights for the 101:

Scroll down the page.
Tell them I sent you.


The Cruzer said...


Thank you so much! I will get a hold of Bryan and purchase what I need.

Thanks again, Freddie

Unknown said...

Hey Nick, Did will you sell me a peep sight from one of your old 101s if you have any left? I also need a trigger. I think my trigger in the one I just put together is bad. It goes off randomly while pumping. Is there supposed to be a ball bearing in the trigger/bolt mechanism? When I took the gun apart it looked like a .177 bb came rolling out. Thanks for any help. Charlie