Thursday, February 5, 2009

Smith and Wesson Model 79G Disassembly, Part 2


The valve assembly. The transfer port bushing/gizmo is supposed to be (or was) staked in place but came loose earlier.

Remove the three screws holding the valve assembly.

The valve assembly.

There's a tiny screen that sits in the hole, I avoided losing it.

The safety.

Pulled up and out with pliers. No detent ball! If there had been I would have lost it.

The setscrew holds the barrel on the slide.

And the barrel slides out the front.

The bolt is retained by that pin.

It slips out, allowing the bolt to come out. I didn't see a need to take apart the bolt any further as it looked clean and in good shape.

The rear sight screw is removed.

Then the spring.

Again the pin is knurled and only comes out one way.

I was going to disassemble the rear sight further but couldn't get the large slotted nut unscrewed from the windage screw. No need to take it apart anyway.

More to come...

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