Monday, February 2, 2009

Reanimating a Daisy 230, Part 2

On I go...

The piston, spring and spring guide, lubed and ready.

You have to use a spacer to seat the retainer.

Then turn the retainer so the tab mates with the slot cutout.

I used a punch to align the trigger and pushed in the pin.

The end cap and spring go on.

Then the barrel.

The screw seems too long, likely there's a missing washer I'll get around to making sometime.

The cocking arm was replaced.

Then the action screw in the rear.

And the two front screws.

The rear sight was drifted back on.

And reassembled.

I tried to cock and fire and it wouldn't catch. I used my limited powers of deduction and realized that the cocking linkage was I squished it back into shape, at least so that it would work. It might need to be even straighter, I don't know.

The rifle is not a magnum, about 330 fps with JSB Jumbo wadcutters, and 320 fps with 14.9 gr. Crosman Premiers. The JSBs are heavier (14.9 gr.) but shoot faster. No idea why. It is pretty accurate at 10 meters though. A nice can plinker. Like I need more of those.

".22 Cal Made for Daisy in Scotland"

Another air rifle for my collection of beaters.


JD said...

Agree!those guns are the best plinkers! I own a slavia 630 that does all the plinking,easy cocking fast shooting! Nice work!

Unknown said...

Do you know where I can find Seals and a rear sight for the Daisy Model 230? If anyone does could they email me at

Unknown said...

Do you know where I can find seals and a rear sight for the Daisy model 230? if so could you please email me at jmay17 at I am hoping to restore the rifle that my dad passed down to me.