Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disassembling a Crosman Model 130 Pistol, Part 1

I wasn't planning on working on the 130 but several people expressed an interest in seeing how to disassemble the older variant so I figured, "why not?" It can always use some new o-rings and a little TLC.

My Crosman Model 130 pistol.

Grips removed.

Unscrewing the grip frame.

You think this will work...

But first you have to remove the rear sight as it screws into the rear grip frame screw.

Don't lose the safety spring and ball!

The (not original) sight screw, screwed into the rear grip frame screw.

The screws removed, the barrel slips out of the barrel band.

The rear breech plug slips out.

Unscrewing the bolt cover screw.

All the parts removed.

Unscrewing the barrel set screw.

Again it just slips out.

Punching out the pump roll pin.

Then the parts are slid out.


Anonymous said...

there appears to b a pressfit piece between the pump & release pistons on my 130. both sides were covered in gasket mat.& permatex. i dont want press it out if not req.
any info would b great thanx, jeff

Felice Luftschein said...

Never heard of anything like that, but there were many different versions of the 130, and you never know what repair work was done either. Try asking on the Crosman forum and post pics if you can, maybe someone there knows.

Anonymous said...

I have this same airgun, but mine does not have a cocking knob. What is its purpose? why does mine not have one?

Felice Luftschein said...

I'm not sure why they did away with it, it allows you to cock it before pumping I guess? Not sure.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

My barrel don't appear to come apart from the chamber/loading port. Wat can I make use to make new compression piston?

Jim Sharp said...

Should have been a video

Papa Rude said...

Could you show the safety and it’s actions.... I just got one of these and it’s missing, so I need to see fiction, breakdown and attachment, so I might fabricate one.
The Crosman breakdown shows the second variant and not the first.