Monday, July 28, 2008

Fleamarket Find: Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad for my Original (Diana) 45

Last Sunday we went up to the "Steam Up" in Brooks Oregon. One of the events is a wonderful fleamarket. I had hoped to find some airguns but beyond 2 Daisy BB guns and an overpriced Plainsman pistol I didn't find anything. What I did find though was a slightly abused Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad, for $3.00!

The recoil pad.

Note the similarities to my completed adjustable buttplate for the 1377, you might think I'd had it in mind when I made it...

All taken apart for cleaning.

I figured that I shoot the Original (Diana) 45 the most, at least right now, so I took off the old buttpad.

Imagine my surprise! The hole spacing was exactly the same for the mounting screws. A stroke of luck (or gross standardization, I'm not sure if the pad on the 45 was original to the Original...)

Putting the pieces back on.

All mounted. The Recoil pad was a bit undersized to the stock, but I'm not entirely sure it will stay on the 45, so I'm not going to reshape the stock.

This is the range of adjustment. Due to my freak anatomy (I'm 6' tall, which is about 1-1/2' taller than the person it seems most airgun designers make the stocks for) It's still not perfect, but at least the butt now touches my shoulder. Not a bad 20 minute project!

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