Thursday, July 31, 2008

Benjamin 317 Rifle Disassembly, Part 1

Time to take apart another airgun...

I removed the action from the stock with this captive screw.

Then I unscrewed the trigger assembly.

A nice simple trigger unit.

I removed the two end cap screws, the end cap is under tension from the hammer spring, so I had to hold it in while removing the screws...

The end cap is loose.

Hammer spring, 2 screws, hammer and end cap.

I removed the bolt cam plate, then removed the screw on the bolt, and slid the whole thing out. As with other Benjamins and Sheridans, there's a tension spring inside the bolt. It flew out as did a small ball bearing that got instantly lost. But I have lots of ball bearings...

Cam plate, screws, bolt screw, spring and bolt.

I removed the sight.

Sight and front sight bead.

I removed the front cap screws

Then removed the pin locking screw from the front of the cap.

It's a nice way to design a retained pin.

I pushed out the pivot pin.

And removed the pump arm.

Then I slid out the piston. The seal was in surprisingly good shape.

Next comes the hard part...

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Anonymous said...

How would I go about replacing the stock screw cup that is shown in the first picture of this post?