Thursday, May 15, 2008

Resurrecting A Diana Model 6M Pistol, Part 4

The rest of the pistol was then assembled.

The cocking link was slid into place and the pin punched back in.

The barrel pivot and lock screw was replaced.

Remember the trigger and spring? The long arm of the spring will be bent downwards inside the action.

You can see that it is put in place against the action.

And the pin pushed back in.

The trigger catch bar was put back in place.

You can see how it looks in an uncocked state.

The spring is replaced.

The grip frame screwed back onto the action.

Last screw. I need to do some more research on setting the trigger adjustment screws.

The shroud pin.

The shroud was placed on the barrel with the setscrew just in the pin.

And then when the groove it rides in (I'll have to take a picture of that...) is found, the screw is tightened just enough to let the shroud rotate easily around the barrel. The spring and setscrew for the pin is screwed back in.

The front sight drifted back into the dovetail (I should note that I used a brass drift).

And the variable width sight and locking setscrew, as well as the sight lock screw (in the u-shaped cutout in front) replaced.

I shot the frame with black paint, as well as the grips. I did a little work on the shroud to clean up the melty bits.

Unfortunately I used some old spray paint on the frame and it was still sticky days later...Also I find the grips incredibly ugly. So there will be some more work done in those areas, as well as possibly making a new shroud?

Next up, the rear sight...


Anonymous said...

Nick, have you ever made a spring? I found this article interesting. I have a gun (Beeman SS-1000) that has a broken spring and Jim Maccari doesn't make one to fit it, although he is looking into it. I don't really feel like going back together with a stock spring if I can improve my gun. I've never tried it, but it doesn't look that difficult.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to paste the link:


Nick Carter said...

I've made tiny springs, but never a powerplant spring.

I'm sure I'll have to eventually...