Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Resurrecting A Diana Model 6M Pistol, Part 2

And on we go...

The pivot and pivot lockscrews.

It's a good idea to break the action slightly to relieve stress on the pivot from the ball detent.

Hmmm, nice pivot washers.


One pair of washers (one of which is a spring washer?) and one washer for the other side.

Removing the pinion cap screws.

I should note at this point that every single assembly of parts I removed got its own ziplock baggie. This was a great help in remembering what goes where, and those screws are tiny!

Normally this is where I make a special tool, but the instructions said the tang of a file could be used, so that's what I used...A slight amount of spring tension was taken up with the spring compressor.

And the left hand (with the action upside down in the compressor) pinion cap was removed, revealing the pinion gear. I fished it out with a dental pick.

I can't tell you how happy I was to not see any broken gear teeth.

At this point the file is pressing slightly forward.

And then turned to rotate the rear piston away from the right hand pinion.

And then the rear piston is removed along with the springs.

The other pinion, similarly intact!

The front piston is removed. But I think I need a new front seal...

Notice the spring guide, shown assembled into the piston.

An empty action...

I fished the rear piston washer/spacer out of the cap.

It has a hole through it.

The two parts cemented together from age and pressure. Notice the small step on the right. This is important later. The washer was stamped ".8" which is the thickness of that stepped section.

An Xacto knife removed the seal/washer/thingy from the metal spacer washer.

Finally the sight was dismantled. First the c clip is removed.

Then the washer.

And the windage screw, um, unscrewed.

There is a tiny ball bearing that goes where the arrow is pointing. I did manage to preserve it, just forgot to take a picture...

The rear sight unit was pulled out of the body.

Then the metal housing with the windage scale and spring were pulled out.

After this I spent a day or two cleaning every part...it was a pain and a half. There was grit and grease and decomposed seals. I used 5 pipe cleaners, a roll of paper towels, copious WD-40, soap and water, steel wool and a toothbrush.

More to follow in a day or so...

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