Sunday, May 25, 2008

2 Months of Blogging!

It's my two month anniversary at this blog. I'm surprised by how much I'm posting, although being a labor of love it's a lot of fun to have the impetus to work on projects. I have a number of new things to work on over the next month, so I shouldn't be slacking off anytime soon.

On my "to do" list:
1) Finish the Crosman 1377 carbine
2) Lube, repair, rehabilitate the Hyscore/Hammerli .22 sidelever
3) Build a shooting bench of some sort, as I need to sight in a number of my scoped air rifles.
4) Reseal/lube my neighbors Winchester 353 (Diana 5)

And that's just what I can remember right now.

As I said before, I can always use free/cheap project airguns if you have any real beaters laying around that aren't worth the time or money to sell or repair. I could also use reference materials, spare parts, etc. But I've managed to lay in quite a few project guns without any help thus far! I am starting to panic somewhat as I'm completely out of storage space.

I'll be posting a blog index post shortly after this one, it should add to the utility of this blog as a reference.

Finally, here are a few links I've collected lately:
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