Saturday, May 31, 2008

The 1377 Carbine Project: A Temporary Bolt Handle

The Crosman bolt handle kept working loose and was a bit small for my fleshy fingers so I decided to make a new one. I say "Temporary" because I think that I'll probably end up making a slightly longer and somewhat more graceful version of the one shown here.

A piece of 5/8" free machining steel, left over from the adjustable piston project, was turned down to 3/16", then a section further to thread #8-32 and a bit roughed out freehand into a curve, and finished with files.

Using the die holder again.

The finished thread.

Flipped in the 4 jaw chuck and turned down, I think just a hair over 1/2". I should have just started with 1/2" stock, but it was one of those art projects...

Freehand turned to a rough ball.

Chucked in a collet, filed and sanded.

For some perverse reason I decided to drill and countersink the end, similar to an older Sheridan bolt handle. I don't really like the effect. You can see the tinier and less ergonomic handle that came with the steel breech, above. Notice that one thread is deformed, the new handle has far more thread engagement.

I chucked the bolt in my cordless drill and buffed it with some Fabuluster.

Shiny, blurry (you try focusing on a mirror!) and much better than stock. Not sure what I'll change, but probably a longer transition between the handle and the threads. Or something. Not sure. Like I said, it's "art". Total time was probably around a half hour.

It is long enought to comfortably be actuated by my finger. That I like.


wildcat said...

i like the bolt handle. are you gonna start selling them? i want one!


Nick Carter said...

Maybe, I'm not at that point yet though, really.
What do you think a handle like that would be worth?

wildcat said...

I have no idea on price. I guess look at what some of the other makers are making and charging for a baseline. Then charge more or less depending on what your time is worth and how many you want to make.