Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adjustable QB Recoil Pad Ver 2.0

I couldn't warm up to the plastic recoil pad spacer I made for the QB a few weeks ago.

Found a piece of .500" thick aluminum and started again.  Slotted with a .250" end mill for shank clearance...

And cut the T-slot.  The slot is the same .500" wide x .125" tall size as previously used. 

I'll spare everyone the shaping and sanding pictures.  It was the same, but worse, as the aluminum is a lot harder to grind than plastic.

Put a slight angle (about 5 degrees) into the base of the spacer where it fits against the wood.   It's hard to see in this picture due to the silver color washing out.  May revisit this and add another ten or so degrees.

Much happier with the results.  I've still got a Bisley adjustable pad to fit to another rifle, but I need a break from shaping aluminum butt plates. 

More soon.


Paul said...

Aluminum, eh? That means you can anodize it just about any color your heart desires! :-D Looking good.

Bas Nvt said...

Suits the rifle really well!