Saturday, April 8, 2017

2017 Flag City Toys that Shoot Airgun Show Findlay, Ohio

The 12th annual Flag City Airgun Show was today.  At 9:05AM, Dan Lerma called us to attention and let Boy Scout Troop 308 present the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a short prayer. It was a fine start to a great show.  It was packed from the start.

I'm just going to throw a few pics up to show you some of the things I experienced. 

No, these aren't all mine. 

There were BINS of repair parts.

A display table of gorgeous vintage Walther 10-meter rifles.

Tubs full of guns.

Mr. Hollowpoint was on hand.  

He brought his 20mm rifle.

Tom Gaylord had a few tables of goodies that he's show us on the Pyramyd Air blog.  

An old Crosman adapter to let you shoot .177 pellets through your Series 70 .45Auto.  Yeah, its also new in the box.  And it wasn't crazy money. 

I'll get another post up in a few days and show a few of my acquisitions.  

Thank you to all the show organizers and vendors for making the show happen. 

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Paul said...

I'd love to be able go go someday... looks like a grand time indeed! Thanks for sharing with those of us who can only attend vicariously!