Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vacation Time

Wow, Nick and I are really off the back on getting anything posted lately.   Hopefully we can turn that around soon.  In the meantime, this is all I've got.

I was in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania last week for some R&R.  Lot of great hiking opportunities around Ohiopyle.  

We were fortunate to be able to do some shooting on the property we'd rented for the week near Confluence, PA.   The weather forecast was pretty grim with rain almost every afternoon/evening, but I did manage to send a few pellets downrange.  Knowing ahead of time that the weather would be uncooperative, I packed just a single air rifle and air pistol.  Brought the still relatively new-to-me Beeman R1 Laser and a Webley Tempest.  Here's a few pics.

Finally, (and this is unrelated to the vacation) I bought a Benjamin Nitro Piston pistol a few weeks ago and have been trying to make it do what we all want--a decent trigger and hit what I aim at (well, most of the time).  The factory trigger is pretty much awful.  Long and heavy.  In the trigger guard, there's a screw that's supposed to adjust the trigger, but it's too short to reach the sear.  A longer (about 2X longer) screw gave the desired effect.  Still working on the accuracy part of the equation, and that's a multifaceted problem.  The sights supplied with the gun are terrible.  A red dot didn't help much either. The detachable cocking piece doesn't work too badly, but of course, the impact point varies if it's left on the gun or taken off for the shot.  I'm not sure what I envision, but I am going to try a few things and generate a couple blog posts along the way.

As always, thanks for reading.


Andre Gross said...

Derrick, I did the same thing to my Crosman Quest, install a longer sear contact adjustment screw. The trigger is very nice now, long first stage (which I like) and a nice second stage.

This is a dangerous mod if your not careful, make sure to leave some creep in the second stage.

Crosmans trigger groups on spring rifles are stamped and cheap, so I do not trust them to handle zero creep without fail like I would an M-rod trigger group.

We seem to be the only ones who have done this, I haven't heard of anybody else doing this. Anyway, it's a great mod and works very well in my experience.

Hope you had a good vacation, that R1 laser sure looks nice.

Frank Bobbio said...

Sure do like that R1 Laser. Howard at Reno Airguns had one that I shot a few times and the stock designs is one of my favorites. How did you come upon yours?
I have enjoyed your blog, good reading.
Thanks Frank