Sunday, April 21, 2013

Findlay Airgun Show Finds

This is a follow up post to the Findlay, Ohio airgun show held last week.

Didn't bring home much this year.   There weren't any airguns on my want list as there were in previous years.   That can be a dangerous way to go to the show, as anything and everything becomes a possibility.  Still, I managed a modicum of financial restraint.

I should be up front about this:  I don't need to buy any more pellets.  Not today, not tomorrow, probably not even in the next decade.  But I'm weak....very weak.   And show organizer, Dan Lerma, had several huge plastic tubs of "scratch and dent" pellets from Pyramyd Air.  Dan's prices were too good to pass up, so I had to buy just a couple. 

The Chinese pellets, I'd never heard of, while others are favorites of various guns.  Steve Joseph handed me the Serbian wadcutters as I was heading out. They're enablers, plain and simple.

Also from Steve Joseph (one of those aforementioned "enablers") was this fine IZH 46.  It's an early gun, as it's not the current 46M version which has a longer compression tube and eeks out a bit more velocity.  But it has walnut grips.  The small wooden handle on the cocking lever appears to be a lighter colored wood such as maple or birch, so neither Steve or I knew if the walnut grips are original to the gun or someone's nicely done handwork.

I traded Steve an early Sheridan rocker safety and some $$$ to make this happen.  As always, he was more than good to me on the deal and I sincerely hope he enjoys the Sheridan.


Here's one I bought for Nick from Mike Reams.  He's usually set up next to Don Raitzer at the show and they often team up and help me find my wallet. I believe I've bought six or seven guns from them over the last couple years.    Kinda rolled the dice on the HW as it wasn't something on Nick's list, but it was too inexpensive to pass up.  It's a Weihrauch 50S with the San Rafael,  Beeman stamp.  The gun is pre-safety and in rough cosmetic shape.  I was drawn to it because of the Rekord trigger and the clean rifling in the bore.  Nick is always looking for solid "project" guns and this has tremendous potential.

I'm still puzzled as to how the wood was gnawed away here.  ???

Needs wood work, metal work, a new spring, seals, sights....   It'll keep him busy.

Worked on a Crosman Quest 1000 for a co-worker recently.  Should have a post up in a couple days covering the rebuild.

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