Friday, November 30, 2012

Checkering the Crosman 112 Grips

Coming back to the rosewood and maple grips for the Crosman 112

They were built rather plainly with the intent of checkering them at a future date.  I've been sitting on a basic set of Dembart checkering tools.  Got the 18 lines per inch kit.

Read the directions a couple times and decided to give it a go.  These grips were pretty dead simple to make so if I ruin them beyond all hope, I haven't lost much.    Marked a few pencil lines on the left grip that represent a 3:1 ratio.

Then scratched the lines into the wood with a flexible steel rule and a sharp scribe.

I have no idea what to expect.  Deepened the lines with a single line cutter.

Followed up with a double line cutter.  Used each existing line as a guide to cut the next.

Now the other direction to create the diamonds.  The cutter needs frequent cleaning of sawdust or it clogs and runs off track.

It doesn't look like much at first, then the diamonds start to form.

Got to about here and didn't like it.  Decided to fill in the pattern over the rest of the grip.

I like the full coverage better.  Brushed a coat of Arrow Wood Finish into the grips with a tooth brush.

A few run overs and some slight tracking issues here and there.  Overall, much better than they were.  Guess I'm OK with them as a first effort.  They're sharp to the touch and feel great in the hand.

More soon.

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