Monday, May 28, 2012

More IZH 61 Shenanigans Part 1--A New Spring Guide

Getting back to the Baikal IZH 61. 

Used a deburring tool to easily clean up the burs on the cocking lever slots in the end cap and the piston body.

It's like running a metal removing razor knife across the sharp corners.

Remembering back to my first IZH 61, the too short spring guide had to go.  I ballparked the length inside of the piston and subtracted a few hundredths.

The original, short steel guide.  On the left is a piece of 0.750" diameter acetal (aka: delrin).

Chucked the acetal in the 3-jaw and took a few quick cuts.  Went a bit too deep on the first cut, so I backed off a few hundredths. 

I'll cut the undersize part off.  It's a mistake to think that you need to accurately measure everything when using a lathe or mill.  It's pretty quick to simply cut until the spring fits over the guide then extend that depth to the length of the guide.

Faced off the undersized portion and adjusted the tool post to cut a bevel.

Rounded the front edge so it'll slide smoothly through the coils.

Found a parting tool and chopped off the guide leaving a flange.

A bit longer than the factory part.  

And several thou larger in diameter.  Didn't want a tight fit to the spring for such a low-powered gun.  The velocity loss would be large.

OK.  Reassemble the gun next time around and see about realigning that cocking lever catch.

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