Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crosman 1100 Miscellany

I resealed the 1100! It’s been holding gas for about a week and I’ll be doing more with it but I thought I’d share some various pictures. Reassembly was by and large just like disassembly in reverse.

I was given an aftermarket valve “stem” made from plastic. I decided to use it. Seems to work, but being new to the gun not sure how much of a difference it makes.
When reassembling in the housing I found it was a good idea to use a screw to capture the piercing end of the valve assembly in the tube with a screw while fastening it to the other half of the housing. The tube looks a bit scratched up, but I don’t care.
I found a replacement for the broken screw, it’s a later Crosman screw from some gun or the other. It’s ugly but it works.
I found some plain steel screws that were a match for the diameter of the old butt plate screws, but longer. I gave them a quick cold blue. I drilled the holes a bit deeper in the stock.
I cleaned up the butt plate as well. Just a quick buff after getting what looked like old varnish off.
I’m going to draw up the shot shell in CAD. I had a few that were split so I took them apart. My measurements varied from shell to shell so I want to take a bigger sample before I put anything up.
Pushing the wad out with a paperclip.
Weight of the shot charge.
The shot. Notice the broken one. It’s .09” diameter.
The end of the shell has a breakaway piece.
A shot shot shell.
One of the split shells had two wads in place.
I’ll write more when I start shooting the gun.


Jon Brooks said...

The 1100 came with a re-loading kit, basically just a brass fixture that would measure the load and push the end caps in to the proper depth. I can get a picture for you if you'd like, just let me know how to get it to you.

risbro 'at'

Nick Carter said...

That would be cool, email at
I see the empty shells and such on Ebay and Gunbroker from time to time.

BigBoreTworr said...

I had a leak in my valve and picked up my delrin valve stem from B&A.

I'm modding my 1100 for air and have done a couple of extra things to it.
First I replaced the copper line with a stainless steel one rated for 3900psi and replaced all of the screws with ss ones for saftey.

I also picked up a bulk fill tube extension from B&A that replaced the endcap. It's actually an adapter that screws on the 1100 threads and gives 22XX threads on the other side that the extensions screws onto.

I'm still testing and making spring changes, but I'm hoping I get more out of the .380 roundball than 500fps. 40-44 fpe seems to be the most anyone has gotten out of the 1100 on C02.

BigBoreTworr said...

I look forward to more of your post on the 1100.

Here's my .380 roundball results with an 8.5" extension tube. It's not as good as I was hoping for, but it's working again and using air instead of C02.

1300psi, power - high
415.4 dump

1200psi, power - low
358.6 dump

There's very little air left when it dumps.