Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yet Another Grip for a 22XX Pistol--Part 3 Final

Almost done with the rosewood grips.

Yeah, there was still more sanding.

Wanted more definition on the thumb shelf on the left grip.  Had to make a run to the hardware store for more sanding drums.

When I got bored sanding the grips,  I sanded the grip frame.

Quit at 400 grit.  It's going to get painted after all.  Not shown:  The grip frame and side plate were sprayed with three coats of black satin.

Wiped the grips down with a tack cloth. 

Rubbed in a couple coats of Zinsser Bullseye shellac.  Used the heel of my hand and burnished the shellac into the wood.  It dries in no time and can be repaired almost as fast.

The maple spacers have nice contrast.  


For now, I'm calling it good enough.  These were supposed to be (relatively) quick after all.  They get the gun up and running and they're nicer than the stock plastic.

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Nashville handgun said...

Really like those grips. Very sharp!